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Do I have to have a HACCP Plan / Food Safety Management System?

Food safety legislation requires that all food business operators put in place, implement and maintain permanent procedures based on HACCP principles.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and as such a HACCP plan is an internationally recognised food safety management system used to identify, assess and control significant hazards that may affect food safety in your particular business. it does this by locating all the points in a process where hazards could occur, determining which points are critical to the safety of the end product and focusing control on these critical points.

The process involves ensuring that the food business has a safely designed establishment, adequate facilities and the correct equipment, Procedures covering the general principles of hygiene must also be in place and operational. Once these are in place there is a 12 step process to compile a bespoke HACCP Plan.

Not all businesses, especially catering outlets, require a full bespoke HACCP plan, it is very much evaluated around the potential risks in the individual establishment. The Food Standards Agency has compiled an “off the shelf” version called “Safer Food, Better Business” and all the component parts and content required for this system can be downloaded, free, from the FSA website. For example a cafe handling low risk products would be perfectly well covered using SFBB, however a complex restaurant serving fresh seafood or products cooked using the Sous Vide system would have a much higher level of risk and therefore the local authority EHO’s would expect more detail than could be provided through SFBB.


I have many years skills and experience in assessing food businesses, identifying the risks and compiling appropriate HACCP plans and associated documents and records designed specifically to fit your business. Once the plan is in place it is easy to validate, verify and update or make changes wherever necessary to ensure the documentation changes as required by any operational changes to the business.

Contact us for further information and to arrange a meeting to discuss your business & requirements for HACCP.

For food manufacturing businesses this can also be a critical step if considering applying for SALSA accreditation.


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