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PAT Testing

Do I have to PAT test? How often should I PAT test? How do I know my appliances are safe?

Examples of questions I get asked regularly on Health and Safety training courses, so here are some answers:

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a “safe condition”.
In the event that your company were prosecuted following a possible contravention of these regulations what would your defence be, and how would you prove that you “took all reasonable steps & exercised all due diligence to avoid” committing an offence? The HSE advises that “nearly a quarter of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable equipment. The vast majority of these accidents result in electric shock”

If you don’t PAT, how can you show that you took reasonable steps to prevent danger?

Ensure whoever you appoint to carry out your testing is competent, uses suitable, calibrated testing equipment and will notify you of all results, especially failures.

Jill Taylor Consulting offer a competent testing service that complies with Health and Safety Executive requirements, we have a flexible pricing structure & are happy to provide competitive quotes for all businesses & organisations, regardless of size & number of appliances.

The frequency of testing will depend on your individual circumstances & the use of the appliances – don’t be misled by organisations that dictate “everything must be tested every year” and that is sufficient to comply. We can provide the latest HSE advice and guidance on frequency of testing if requested, but please take into consideration that your insurance policy may stipulate the frequency of testing.

Contact us for further information and to arrange a quote.


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