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Healthy Eating and Nutrition


Training in Healthy Eating and Nutrition is not a legal requirement, but it is regularly requested as a valuable follow on from the Food Safety training by those businesses and public institutions that recognise the part good nutrition plays in healthy eating and the planning of a well balanced diet.

The course is of particular value to those involved in planning menus and preparing food for serving in hospitals, care centres, schools and other establishments where healthy eating and nutrition are of primary importance.

The course runs for one day, and includes on-the-day assessment of candidates through multiple choice question papers.

  • Duration:¬†One-day training
  • Assessment:¬†Multiple choice assessment (non-accredited)
  • Prerequisite: None
Who needs this qualification?

Employees in catering environments involved in the planning and selection of menus, recipes and ingredients would benefit from this training. It is also relevant for those in the health care and education sectors.


Why is this training important?

The Government is committed to reducing death and ill health caused by diet-related disease. More than ever caterers need to understand the link between diet and health.


Learning outcomes
  • Good basic understanding of nutrition principles and terminology
  • Understand the requirements of a balanced diet and its positive effect on health
  • Identify differing needs, allergies and food intolerances
  • Appreciate that different groups of people require different diets to suit their lifestyle
  • Knowledge of the requirements of the current legislation
  • Understand the impact of food processing and manufacturing on the nutritional content of foods
  • Appreciate the importance of accurate nutritional information being available on food products

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