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CIEH Introductory Occupational Health and Safety (L1)

Who needs this qualification?
  • Employees of all levels that need an awareness of health and safety
  • New workers required to take health and safety induction training at the start of a new job
  • As part of a work experience programme

This course will give you a basic background and understanding of general health and safety practices and the control measures required to reduce risks in the work place. You will also learn about the importance of health and safety, typical workplace hazards and conditions that can affect you at work. You will develop knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees that are key to protecting the health and safety of all. Upon completion of this course you will have a basic knowledge of what is required to support a safe working environment.

Why is this training important?

The CIEH Introductory Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety provides an awareness of key health and safety issues, and the part that workers should play in keeping themselves and others free from harm at work by providing a low hazard environment designed to protect health and well-being.  This qualification provides a starting point from which more detailed health and safety training (e.g. Foundation) or job-specific training can follow.


Learning outcomes
  • Understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace
  • Identify the hazards and risks related to the workplace
  • Understand workplace health and safety procedure

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