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CIEH Foundation Occupational Health and Safety (L2)

  • Duration: One-day programme
  • Assessment: Multiple choice question paper
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Suggested Progression: CIEH Intermediate in Occupational Health and Safety
Who needs this qualification?

The CIEH Foundation Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety supports businesses in their legal obligations to ensure employees are protected from harm.

This course is ideal for those wishing to develop knowledge of health and safety issues in the workplace and the legislation and regulations relating to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.

This qualification is equally useful for those already in employment and those preparing to start or return to work.


Why is this training important?
  • Suitable for individuals at all levels within employment
  • Employers looking for an induction or professional development course for employees

This course will highlight common hazards and effective control measures. It will help you work more safely and be more aware of how your own actions can affect the health and safety of others, and will enable you to contribute meaningfully to any occupational health and safety management systems which offer transferability to other jobs.

You will also learn about risk profiling and its contribution to health and safety, incident reporting and emergency procedures.

Upon completion of this course you will understand your role and responsibilities in reducing risks and supporting health and safety in the working environment.


Learning outcomes
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities for health, safety and welfare in the workplace.
  • Understand how risk assessments contribute to health and safety
  • Understand how to identify and control the risks from common workplace hazards.
  • Know the procedures for responding to accidents and incidents in the workplace.

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