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What’s lurking in your lunchbox today?

Jill Taylor July 18, 2018

How do you prepare, handle or store the food you take to work with you? When the weather is as glorious and hot as it is at present if you don’t give some thought to what you do, you could … Continue reading

Food Safety Myths Busted!

Jill Taylor November 13, 2017

From Campylobacter contaminated chicken, to Fipronil in eggs from the continent, to Listeria contaminated cheese killing 2 in the USA, closely followed by warnings here in the UK of catching E coli from unwashed vegetables, there never seems to be … Continue reading

The Freezer – Is it Foods Final Resting Place?

Jill Taylor September 13, 2017

At this time of year there is a glut of wonderful fresh fruit and veg, especially the homegrown stuff because it’s free, most growers/cooks/parents appreciate we can’t live off poached pears and apple crumble day in day out till it’s … Continue reading

Barbecue essentials and bacteria basics!

Jill Taylor June 15, 2017

Top tips for fair weather cooking! Barbecues can be a great outdoors eating experience if you get it right, but the consequences of getting it wrong can be pretty grim. Cases of food poisoning almost double over the summer months … Continue reading

Use By or Best Before; When is food still safe to use?

Jill Taylor September 23, 2016

Food date codes in the UK: when is food still safe to use & when should it be thrown away? The cost of our weekly shop seems to be increasing at an alarming rate; and so does the amount of … Continue reading

Food allergen legislation: what you need to know

Jill Taylor May 23, 2016

The new food allergen laws, specifically applying to “unwrapped” foods, have been in place for about 18 months now and it would appear that the debate about “fad or fear”, “implement or ignore” and “benefit or bothersome” still rages on. … Continue reading

Eating Mistakes that can Sabotage your Healthy Eating Plan!

Jill Taylor January 11, 2016

Happy New Year – A Timely Reminder of Eating Mistakes That Can Sabotage your Healthy Eating Plan First…… the truth! None of what you will read here is new, this news has been out there for years – however with … Continue reading

Turkey Troubles?

Jill Taylor December 22, 2015

Do you have turkey troubles? (or how to make sure the Christmas festivities keep friends and family safe!)   None of us, no matter how stressful family relationships can be, want to be responsible for making our friends and family … Continue reading

Christmas meals – Look Before You Book!

Jill Taylor December 16, 2015

(or how to stay safe if you’re eating out, or buying in!) Leaving aside, for now, the cooking of the Christmas meal, heating up leftovers, or providing buffet dishes for family parties – for regular readers these have been covered … Continue reading

Food Hygiene Inspection? 5 Top Tips to Reap the Reward

Jill Taylor October 21, 2015

Food Hygiene Inspection – Gain the benefit; make the most of your inspection, stay legal and reap the reward! 5 Top tips to help you achieve a 5 star rating! All food outlets, manufacturers, operators of food businesses and even … Continue reading

Barbecue blunders and bacteria basics!

alex August 3, 2015

Want your barbecue to be the best of the bunch? Here’s some basic tips. Barbecues can be great fun if you get it right, but the consequences of getting it wrong can be dramatically dangerous. Cases of food poisoning almost … Continue reading

Food Safety Week – Take the Chicken Challenge!

alex June 12, 2015

Upset stomachs cost the UK an estimated 11 million working days a year! According to research published by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) nearly 17 million people suffer from stomach upsets in the UK every year, which in turn leads … Continue reading

Labelling makes life simpler for food allergy sufferers – Guest blog

Jill Taylor February 17, 2015

Saira Hamilton, ex Masterchef finalist and now chef, feature column for on issues surrounding food allergies & intolerances for Herts & Essex Observer. HANDS up how many of you can name the 14 known food allergens named in the Food … Continue reading

Look before you book – Some good, some bad!

Jill Taylor December 11, 2014

So, as a result of my recent Blog post highlighting the Food Standards Agency “Look before you book” drive when it comes to choosing a venue for your festive celebration meal, the most commonly asked question is, I suppose quite … Continue reading

Christmas party challenge – Look Before You Book!

Jill Taylor December 2, 2014

Look before you book! Lets talk about festive meals out – leaving aside, for now, the food safety Russian roulette of cooking the Christmas meal, heating up leftovers, or providing buffet dishes for family parties, these will be dealt with … Continue reading

Keeping children safe; carbon monoxide awareness week

Jill Taylor November 20, 2014

This is a guest blog written to raise awareness of the dangers associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. When you’re looking after children, safety always comes first, and no one knows this better than those working as foster carers, child-minders and … Continue reading

New food allergen law for ALL food businesses.

Jill Taylor November 12, 2014

Current laws on the contents of your food and information provided to you, whether that food is wrapped and packaged or served to you on a plate, are changing in a big way. From December this year (2014) the EU … Continue reading

Outdoor & mobile catering food safety checklist

Jill Taylor October 28, 2014

I am often asked what “special” arrangements or considerations are granted to the seemingly ever-increasing number of street vendors, market stall holders or other variants of businesses selling food on the street so I have compiled this information with those … Continue reading

Food Hygiene Ratings: tips to help you achieve a 5

Jill Taylor September 17, 2014

Food Hygiene Ratings System – Gain the benefit; make the most of your inspection and reap the reward. Top tips to help you achieve a 5 star rating! All food outlets, manufacturers, operators of food businesses and even those serving food … Continue reading

Food safety management systems – what can go wrong and the consequences!

Jill Taylor August 20, 2014

Impeccable food safety management is of major importance to the reputation and success of any food business, a fact which is very rarely appreciated by the “food-buying” public. But what happens when an aspect of the production, service or delivery … Continue reading

Food allergen information for all food businesses

Jill Taylor August 4, 2014

Current food labelling rules on food contents and information provided to the public are changing in a big way. From December this year (2014) the EU Food Information for consumers (EU FIC) will come into being, these rules will be … Continue reading

Cross-contamination – Getting control

Jill Taylor June 13, 2014

When a welding rod was found (thank you metal detector) in a packet of 10” spaghetti I realised just how easy it was for stuff to get mixed up. Cross-contamination in a food processing unit or kitchen is an ever … Continue reading

Bold new Food Ingredient Legislation

Jill Taylor April 24, 2014

Guest Blog One of my sons has a full on, EpiPen carrying, peanut allergy. By coincidence I have worked in the snack food business for 30 years so the new rules on food ingredient declaration which come into force at … Continue reading

Food Hygiene Ratings – A consumer guide!

Jill Taylor January 29, 2014

Food Hygiene Ratings – A consumer guide Over the past few weeks there has been an unprecedented amount of coverage in local press both naming and shaming food businesses with very poor food safety ratings/scores (0, 1 or 2) or … Continue reading

Talking turkey (or how not to give the family food poisoning for Christmas!)

Jill Taylor December 4, 2013

None of us, no matter how stressful family relationships can be, want to be responsible for making our families ill at any time of year, but least of all over the festive season. Follow these few tried and tested steps, … Continue reading

Quality Audit Terror – Guest Blog

Jill Taylor November 22, 2013

Managing a factory audit is liked being roped to a team walking along a mountain ridge. One step out of place, one unexpected stumble and everyone falls down the cliff. The loss of a quality accreditation or a major customer … Continue reading

Are your colleagues making you sick?

Jill Taylor November 12, 2013

Yes, according to a new survey that says 90% of office workers come to work when sick.  Even worse, they know their coughing and sneezing may be infecting others, but 45% said an ever-growing workload makes it necessary. Adults may … Continue reading

Caterers & food labelling – how the new law will affect you!

Jill Taylor October 2, 2013

Current food labelling laws & information on food contents provided to the public are changing. The Food Information Regulations 2013 (FIR) changed in 2013 in order for the UK to comply with EU Food Information for Consumers (FIC) legislation. This … Continue reading

Are women better than men in hand washing practices?

Jill Taylor September 4, 2013

The bathroom hand washing behaviours of 3,739 people were unobtrusively watched and documented in a study by Michigan State University. Though hand washing compliance rates appear to have increased in recent years, the report demonstrated we continue to fall short of the … Continue reading

Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme – what’s it all about?

Jill Taylor March 26, 2013

The consumers story: For many years local authorities in England, Wales & Northern Ireland have been responsible for carrying out inspections and checks on “food businesses” to ensure they comply with food safety legislation and keep our food safe to … Continue reading

Compulsory display of Food Safety Ratings – How much will your business suffer?

Jill Taylor March 7, 2013

Compulsory display of Food Safety Ratings – How much will your business suffer? The Food Standards Agency are continuing to push the fact that all local authorities in England and Northern Ireland are being ‘strongly encouraged’ to sign up to … Continue reading

The most common food safety myth busted: the 5 second rule!

Jill Taylor February 11, 2013

The most common food safety question ever asked: does the 5 (4 or 3) second rule work? Have you ever dropped food on the floor and shouted “five second rule”, picked it up, blow on it (as if that’s going … Continue reading

Moulds – the good, the bad & the hairy of food safety!

alex November 13, 2012

Some mould growths add flavour and character to our food while others are toxic – so how do you spot the difference? There’s something menacing about mould; it looks weird; smells horrible & very often seems to threaten to cover … Continue reading

Health and Safety – 28.5 million working days lost! Can we afford it?

Jill Taylor March 15, 2012

“Health & Safety” has a bad name, especially in the tabloid press, because it is all too often used as a feeble excuse by jobsworths, particularly in the public sector, to stifle mildly risky activities – especially if they’re fun. … Continue reading

Dangerous dishcloths – over 90% of cloths at home have dangerous levels of bacteria.

Jill Taylor November 17, 2011

Research released by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) reveals that over 90% of home dish cloths contain potentially life threatening bugs like E. coli. Research by environmental health officers suggests that people are more at risk of catching food … Continue reading

Bacteria Barbeque Basics

Jill Taylor August 7, 2011

Not recipes, although I can supply some ideas for great barbeque food if you would like, but tips to keep you, your friends and family safe and well if the sun shines and you actually manage to get the barbeque lit in … Continue reading

Food For Thought

Jill Taylor July 8, 2011

“Jill Taylor is hoping to give caterers and food premises operators food for thought with her new business project” As appeared in local press recently! Since being made redundant by Essex County Council earlier this year I am now progressing … Continue reading