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Food Allergen Awareness


Under the Food Information Regulations 2014, food business operators have a legal responsibility to provide complete and correct food allergen information to customers. These regulations apply to all catering and retail businesses that serve or sell loose (unwrapped) foods.
This non accredited Food Allergen Awareness training has been designed to help food handlers to:

  • Understand the impact of food allergy and intolerance
  • Identify, manage and control the risks associated with food allergens
  • Apply the principles of practical allergen management to develop good practice in the workplace
  • Provide allergen information, with confidence
Why is this qualification important?

Developing food allergen awareness is key to complying with the Food Information Regs. 2014 and improving business. Customers need to be confident that the information provided is complete and correct and the food that is served or sold is safe to eat.


Identification requirements

Course duration:                4 hours usually over ½ a day.
Assessment method:        Multiple choice assessment (non accredited)
Pre-requisite:                      None (Foundation in Food Safety (L2) recommended)


Suggested progression on completion:

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